Welcome to my kitchen...

Welcome to my kitchen...
There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chocolate Mud Cake

Indulge into a yummy chocolaty affair with this very delicious chocolate mud cake. If you don’t have enough time you can simply make the sponge without any icing like the way I did it for my son’s birthday…

Ingredients (for the cake base)
1 cup self raising flour (serves 3-4 people)
1 cup sugar
1 cup melted unsalted butter (100 gms)
100gms dark chocolate (with 70 percent cocoa)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
2 eggs (for those who don’t eat eggs you can add - 2 teaspoons Eno ( Alternative for egg.  If you don’t have Eno you can put 2 teaspoons of flax seed powder mixed in two tablespoons of warm water)
2 tablespoon cocoa powder

Ingredients (for the chocolate ganache/icing)
(1/3 cup) thickened cream (35 percent fat)
150g dark chocolate
1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Cooking Method
  1. For the Cake base- Heat a pan and add the butter. Keep the pan on low flame and let the butter melt. Once that is done add the dark chocolate cubes and mix nicely for 2-3 minutes so that the chocolate and butter blend together.
  2. Now take a mixing bowl and add the baking powder, vanilla essence, sugar and eggs. Mix the batter well for another 2-3 minutes using a blender.  Add the plain flour and cocoa powder and again mix the batter nicely.  
  3. Now mix the melted butter and chocolate mixture to the batter and using the cut and fold method blend nicely. You will see bubbles getting formed which means the batter is ready to be baked.
  4. Take a Cake Baking tray/pan and grease it with oil/butter. Sprinkle some plain flour all over it.
  5. Now pour the batter into the baking tray and place it in a preheated oven for 40minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
  6. Let the Cake cool for another 15 minutes.
  7. Place the Baking tray upside down in a plate to remove the cake.

  1. For the chocolate ganache - Place chocolate, cream and butter in a medium heavy-based saucepan over very low heat. Stir frequently, and remove from heat when chocolate has just melted and mixture is smooth.  Allow the ganache to cool slightly at room temperature to obtain a spreadable consistency.
  2. Now spread the ganache on the cake and sprinkle some grated chocolate to decorate.
  3. Your yummy chocolate mud cake is now ready to be served.


Anonymous said...

looks very yummy.... fantastic cake and recipe...

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