Welcome to my kitchen...

Welcome to my kitchen...
There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Eggless French Toast

Eggless French Toast - Made from chickpea flour /gram flour

I remember my mom packing these yummy vegan toasts for my lunchbox when I was a kid.  Made from chickpea flour /gram flour (popularly known as besan in India), replacing the usual eggs, I stuffed them with mashed potatoes to make a wholesome meal. It could be a great idea for your kid’s lunchbox 

Ingredients (serves 2-3)
8-9 slices of bread
2 cups of chickpea flour (gram flour/besan)
Salt to taste
¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
¼ teaspoon red chilli powder (optional)
¼ teaspoon coriander powder (optional)
2-3 boiled potatoes, mashed
1-2 green chillies chopped
Freshly chopped coriander
Oil/Butter to grease 
Water to prepare batter

Cooking Method
1. To prepare the batter first – Add the chickpea flour in a mixing bowl. Add salt, turmeric powder and rest of the spices – red chilli powder, coriander powder (optional). Also add some freshly chopped coriander to it. Mix well. Now slowly add water to it to make a smooth flowing batter.

2. For the stuffing – To the mashed potatoes add some salt and chopped green chillies. Mix nicely and keep aside.
3. Take 2 slices of bread and put some stuffing between the two and press gently (You can skip this step if you don’t want any stuffing. Take a single slice then). Dip the slices in the batter completely. Place the dipped slices on a hot pan and pour some oil to grease the corners.
4. Keep the flame on medium heat. Turn it upside down to cook golden brown on both slides.

5. Remove from pan, cut into equal triangular portions and serve with tomato ketchup or green chutney.


Rekha said...

wow.. looks so delicious and good:)thanks for dropping by my space dear..happy to follow u
pls visit and join my space in ur free time:)

Payal Singhal said...

Thank you Rekha for dropping by and following my blog:)

Shanthi said...

Looks really lovely and delicious

Payal Singhal said...

Thanks Shanthi!

Only Fish Recipes said...

we too make these almost the same way !!!urs look great dear !!!!!its a great filling snack!!!!

Kalyan said...

looks lovely and delicious...mouthwatering!

Payal Singhal said...

Thank you Only Fish Recipes and Kalyan

kitchen queen said...

awesome tempting and inviting.U have a lovely blog.U can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

Swetha said...

I fondly remember this as "Bread Baji" from my school days. Super snack item , perfect with lovely weather and a cup of chai. :). I see a lot of recipes hat i love here , will be here more often. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Appreciate it. :).

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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